Global Rules

Make quality contribution.
The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are to provide substantial, informative, intelligent, and humorous posts.

Think before posting.
Always argue in good faith. When you find yourself disagreeing with someone, counter the idea or the argument. Do not engage in personal attacks.

Be content-centric.
We strive to create an environment that is free of all the rituals and distractions of cultivating a persona and reputation. Do not use rank and status to hinder critical thinking or the freedom to carry out an unbiased and open discussion.

No tribalism.
Do not make excessively "meta" posts. Steer away from activities that serve no greater purpose than trivial socialization.

Hide your powerlevel.
Avoid revealing intimate, personal details about yourself in public boards. These are not meant to be a personal blog nor an asylum.

No NSFW visuals.
Do not upload, post, or link to any violent, grotesque, or pornographic visuals.

No "black hat" activities.
Do not engage in doxxing, raiding, cyberbullying, or other malicious activities.

Board Rules

Release Section

  1. Do not post low-effort thank-you posts to decrease the lock timer.

Pro Tips

Learn a programming language.
Learning how to code will go a long way both on the forums and in real life. C and Python are both excellent languages to start with.

The staff team isn't on a powertrip.
The mods are not affiliated with Nazism. They simply follow the rules to the letter. You may always dispute any moderative actions that you think were unfair.

You should always lurk more.
Unless you are confident about how things are run, try to integrate yourself by doing more reading and less posting.

Learn the netiquettes.

  1. Do not type in ALL CAPS or use non-default fonts without a good reason.
  2. Do not use excessive text formatting or emotes to gain attention.
  3. Be conservative in what you send and liberal in what you receive.
  4. Remember that people on the internet have different points of reference from your own, whether it be culture, humor, et cetera.
  5. Think twice before sending emotional responses to messages.

Know the rules by heart.
Read this page again. // BUG: infinite recursion