Bypass Kakao Login for Signed APK (Bypass Signature Check)

Bypass Kakao Login in Self-Signed APK

Another signature check bypass tutorial for Android. I've modified the the template for this .smali from URET Team, kudos to them. If you haven't check out my first tutorial for Signature.hashCode() bypass, go check it out! ()

0. You'll need to know smali lang and some command line operation.
1. Text editor. (eg: Notepad++, Sublime Text, Atom, etc.)
2. ApkVer by @Xtreme Myst (​

Steps for Bypass Kakao:
0. Download lolwut.smali 1. Move lolwut.smali to smali/ folder.
2. Use ApkVer to get Signature Bits, copy its content and replace "SIGNATUREBITS" with the copied data.
3. Open smali/com/kakao/util/helper/Utility.smali, find getKeyHash, scroll down a bit(still at the smae method) find Landroid/content/pm/Signature;->toByteArray()[B.
4. Continue to next line, you'll see move-result-object vx, at this point remember whats x in vx.
5. Enter new line right after move-result-object vx, and write
sget-object vx, Llolwut;->byte:[B
6. Change x in vx at sget-object vx, Llolwut;->byte:[B.
7. Done. Build, Sign, and Play.​

A video worth thousand words.

Steps for Bypass Signature (General): soon™
it can use with other signature?
it can use with other signature?
I have made an improvement to original template, which adds function for return Signature array, arraySig. Tried this with a game stats assistant that prevent access to its own API when apk is self-signed. Successfully bypassed it too. This might fail if apps is double signed tho, but.. AFAIK all apks are following goolge standards for sign apk only once(no 2 or more signatures).
tl;dr. yes.
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Please help to bypass signature check in game called critical ops
heeelp me,