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Thank you
Thank hokage, hopefully you can get ticket and diamond to work.
No diamonds? Oh man 😭😭😭
Thanks tho @hokage242
Honestly, at this point there's no need for us to even have V1 & V2. Hokage should just do V3 & V4 as the new V1/V2.

V4, if he can, should have the Steal My Style-paid items with diamonds and tickets besides all the V3 stuff
He said he'll work on the tickets a diamonds later if he can get time because the SYS event hasn't started yet so he can't mod the diamonds and tickets yet
Ohh alright. But does he know the SYS event starts tomorrow? Lol
Hey guys, I downloaded V3 and now I'm in 18 lvl. And I have 30 goal right now. A new goal comes before I finish other goals. Is it just me? Please tell me if there is any solution.
It depends on the time zones it's already Sunday where I am so the Show your style starts tonight for me
Thank you for sharing
@ArtemisT the game works like that where you get new goals/gigs every time even while you're busy with others so you'll complete them as you wish
Yay! Thanks hockage so excited
Thanks for update cant wait for the diamonds and tickets hopefully I'll win this sys event like the last one I did lol
Yassss thx so much for everything you do. You are the alpha for real!
Do any of y'all get VIP exclusive clothing or events anymore? Is that even a thing anymore?
No Glu has stopped updating those for now,all they're focusing on now is making the game go downhill by milking players for their money through diamonds and ticket purchases
Apparently the girls in the kkh official forum have seen players with hacked diamonds bragging on their socials. I wonder where though. As fair as I know only this forum has made mods. I have seen copies of hokage's mods on other sites but they're the same, without diamonds
Imagine actually paying for the VIP packages and they just stopped giving out exclusive promised items. So glad I never spent a dime on this game
Me too,the loyal players have already unsubscribed since their money is going to waste. Kim is not actively involved anymore so the Glu development team does whatever they want with the game and everything is Wack
Reading the meltdowns of people who spent thousands on this game in the forum is hilarious lol
It is hilarious because we don't have those issues and we have way more benefits than them so we have to pretend to have sympathy for them while we laugh in the background
Hello @hokage242 .
Sorry to tag you, but I thought it might be interesting to your knowledge.

I want to thank the hack that you always update, and I want to inform you that it is possible to hack Diamonds, I have already made it myself. Initially I entered a medium value, and the game accepted, but then with the desire to have more diamonds to buy what I wanted to increase the value, the game did not accept and returned to the initial value that had it was 3 diamonds and I could not test no purchase with diamonds. I hope you can hack this in the same injection mode as you did with the Kstars.
I did not test anything about tickets.
have you tried with the SMC stuff?
Guys I really need ticket hack right now. My first 2 outfit tanked H.A.R.D.
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Thankyou,love you
Thank you very much. Much appreciated for the game
Someone should alert hokage that the event is live now so it's the best chance he has to mod the tickets and diamonds
I tagged him on the request mod.
Yay! I tried V3, got the SYS event and I still have my progress!

I used to download V1, then at some point switched to V2 and when I installed the 9.13.0 update I got Maria’s call but didn’t get SYS… The diamond bar was there though. I was tempted to just uninstall the game and start over with V3, until someone (don’t remember who but THANK YOU!!!!) mentioned that lowering your energy and installing V3 could also help you get SYS without deleting the game.
My energy was up to 28k so I spent the week using the heck of it and before installing V3 I was down to 280 and it worked!

So THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR V3, HOKAGE! Now I’ll wait patiently for a version with tickets and diamonds because this event is brutal.
SMS is not hackable ...
Thank you so much
Hello @hokage242 .
Sorry to tag you again, but I thought it might be interesting to your knowledge.

I tested it and it did not work ...waiting to your mod and cheer so that right
Why glu people faces are all over the dolls ⁉
Thank you so much for the update hokage.. I really really love you..😘😘
Amazing mod,but please put unlimited diamonds and tickets soon you can s2
What do you mean by medium value? How many diamonds did you initally inject? I'm gonna try to inject manually using GameGem and see if it would work for me.

Correct me if I'm wrong but if the new diamond currency is server-sided, it is going to be impossible to hack. If they get rid of kstars altogether and replace them with diamonds, the game will end up being just like Covet. If that happens, I'll just quit lol
Same if they do that then I quit cause what's the point if they get rid of them? Lol it'll suck cause all of the years I put I to this game but I dont think anyone wants to deal with no kstars. Lol
Why are the faces covered up with glu ppl? Lol
just for fun